Our Church is following the State of Kentucky guidelines regarding large group gatherings

Our God adamantly urges us to love one another. One way that love is best shown, as we understand through the scientific and the medical wisdom of the present, is by remaining apart until that wisdom indicates otherwise. By not gathering together in one place, we are helping those people who are at high risk for a devastating outcome upon being infected by COVID-19.

We are willing to inconvenience ourselves and struggle with the trials of being sequestered for the health and well-being of others we may never know. By doing this, we realize that we are following our God’s command to love one another. We are grateful for this privilege to serve God in this way.

However, we do not wish to be unconnected . We are continually working to learn new technical skills and acquire new online capabilities so that we are able to grow in faith and share our lives with each other . Our learning curve is great and our education is slow at this point. Please bear with us as we walk through this part of our faith journey together. We are gaining ground with each passing week.

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