Church Service 03/22/2020

Because of COVID-19 and the suggestions of government leaders to avoid large crowds, we are canceling church service on Sunday 03/22/2020. We are canceling Sunday school, Workshop service and all events/meetings. We will continue to monitor the situation and update for next week (03/29/2020).

One thought on “Church Service 03/22/2020

  1. There will also be no worship service or Sunday School at First Pres on Sunday, March 29th nor on Sunday, April 3rd. The building is to remain closed to all with the exceptions of property persons regarding property issues, Donna Wilson and other financial persons regarding financial matters, and the pastor regarding pastoral care issues. Even if you have a key and therefore access to the building, please refrain from entering the building. This way we may be able to keep a safe environment for those at risk when we return to a more normal schedule. We will let folks know when we are able to gather in the building again…which we hope is soon.

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